New offer launched: NetSuite World Wide Affiliate Program

NetSuite website

Details of the offer:

NetSuite: 21$ per lead, but have the potential to earn an additional $49 if that lead is qualified,
allowing for a maximum of $70 to be potentially earned per lead.


Target - CPS

eCPC - 2.2699$
Hold period - 30day(s)
Banners - Yes
Deeplinking - No
Promocodes - No
CR - 0.12%
Cookie lifetime - 30day(s)
Landing pages - No
XML/CSV feed - No
Description: NetSuite is engineered to streamline mission-critical processes. In turn, this a llows businesses to continue focusing on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently. From financials to supply chain management to billing and beyond, NetSuite ERP gives companies clear visibility and control of their business. The NetSuite partnership program operates on a baseline commission level for leads captured. If a lead form is filled out, a $30 will be awarded. These leads gathered are then reviewed by the NetSuite team and if they are deemed as qualified and a potential fit for NetSuite, there will be an additional $70  generated. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on competitor’s branded terms and direct traffic to Oracle NetSuite branded sites. This includes any and all combinations, variations, misspellings or misspelling variations. 


World Wide

Top performing countries:

United States, India, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine

Traffic restrictions:

Paid search (Brand) Forbidden
PPC (not search) Need approval
SEO Need approval
Emails Allow
Popunder/Clickunder Allow
Reachmedia Allow
Teaser Networks Need approval
Retargeting Forbidden
Display Traffic Allow
Google Display Allow
Coupons Forbidden
Cashbacks Forbidden
Incentive Allow
Social Media Allow
Websites Allow
Context ads Allow
Re-brokering Allow
Push Notification Need approval
Native ads Allow
Facebook Display Allow
Doorways Forbidden
Toolbar Allow