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Description: - video training for home. The platform allows you to turn your apar tment into a fitness club with the best coaches and the most popular areas: weight loss, tone, stretching. No equipment and special skills are required for trainings. All you need for the result is from 5 to 30 minutes per day.Advantages for customersthere is no need to go to the fitness center, because the platform allows you to turn any apartment into a fitness room;you don't need any special equipment and training to start training;there are more than 30 training programs on the portal: slimming, stretching, yoga, twine, relief, pilates, facelift, meditation, exercises and many others for every taste;The best Russian fitness trainers: Dmitry Yashankin, Mikhail Prygunov, Anastasia Zavistovskaya, Denis Gusev and others. You will not find such a unique set of coaches anywhere else;you can train from any device - from phone to TV.Portrait of the target audience:Geo - 80% Russia/ 5% Ukraine / USA 2% / Belarus 2% / The rest of the countries 11%;Mostly women 67% / men 33%;Age 25-34(48.02%), 35-44(22.40%), 18-24(16.68%), 45-54(7.00%), 55-64(4.70%);The key audience is people who are overweight (want to lose weight);Mommies in decree (get in shape);Office employees, businessmen (saving time, supporting healthy lifestyle);Bachelors (sedentary lifestyle, body shape improvement).Top productsNew life;Charging;Trinity; The basics of good nutrition;Press in 7 minutes.More infoThe highest conversion among women 25 - 35;Buyers - people who want to be in shape, lose weight, improve health.Join Indoleads right now and start promoting ""!


Russian Federation

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