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Innogialuron: CPS $10.2 for each sale

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Description: INTRODUCTION TO - INNO GIALURON "Serum Inno Gialuron" is a famous line of s kincare, ageing prevention in Russia.  With natural ingredients manufactured using modern technology and now one of the popular product lines in Vietnam market. THE MAIN EFFECTS OF INNO GIALURON. ☑️ Helps to rejuvenate and remove wrinkles that slow down the ageing process of the skin. ☑️ Helps to treat melasma, freckles, age spots. ☑️ Helps fade scars, bruises caused by acne. ☑️ Enhance moisture, tighten skin and maintain skin elasticity. ANTI-AGING EFFECTS OF INNO GIALURON. ☑️ Helps to moisturize the skin: Inno Gialuron will infuse into the epidermis the active ingredients thereby helping the skin to recover, firm ☑️ Help to nourish skin: Thanks to the vitamins and micronutrients Inno Gialuron provided to the skin will produce collagen and elastin. ☑️ Skin cell regeneration: Inno Gialuron contains many essential vitamins and minerals to help wrinkle reduction, nourish and restore, skin cell regeneration, promote the production of new cells for strong, healthy skin, smooth. Main Ingredients Of Inno Gialuron Serum. Inno Gialuron serum has natural ingredients that help replenish nutrients, is the preferred anti-ageing wrinkle treatment in the world today. 1️⃣ Hyaluronic Acid HA: This is a name that has been mentioned quite a lot in the cosmetic world.It is known as a moisturizing and anti-ageing nutrient. 2️⃣ Folic Acid: This is a complex containing B9 vitamins, It is a nutrient that helps to refresh the skin.It has the ability to neutralize toxins and harmful substances, promote cell regeneration. 3️⃣ Camellia extract: This extract removes toxins and protects the skin from UV rays. 4️⃣ Ficus Brown Fruit Extract: Helps promote the formation of natural collagen in the skin, while renewing the tissue under the skin.It is a concentrated extract of the brown fruit and is rich in iodine. 5️⃣ Laminaria: has a soothing effect and protects the skin from external irritants such as dirt, heat, helps cleanse the skin.


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