New offer launched: My Money Karma [CPL] IN India Affiliate Program

My Money Karma [CPL] IN website

Details of the offer:

My Money Karma [CPL] IN:

Lead - 21INR


Target - CPL

eCPC - 0.7900$
Hold period - 72day(s)
Banners - No
Deeplinking - No
Promocodes - No
CR - 4.17%
Cookie lifetime - 30day(s)
Landing pages - No
XML/CSV feed - No
Description: Company Description: My Money Karma is an online financial services marketplace that helps consumers make better decisions. My Money Karma provides free and easy access to personalized financial management using proprietary algorithms developed by our deep understanding of the financial space and technology. Campaign Description: It is a CPL (Cost per Lead) campaign in which affiliates must divert the traffic to advertiser site and deliver quality leads with a credit score >700. Advertiser offering their affiliates to run it Pan INDIA with the targeting of audience which mentioned under the targeting criteria. All allowed promotional methods are selected under traffic sources. Target Audience:  1.      Equifax score > 700 2.      customer filling complete information, doing OTP verification and pulling his credit score. Objective: To generate quality leads for My Money Karma.Targeting - Pan India Target Audience:  1. Equifax score > 700 2. customer filling complete information (link shared above), doing OTP verification and pulling his credit score.  NOTE: we will get paid for customers whose information matches the above criteria.  Note : Admitad will not use the word CIBIL in any of their campaigns. Validation criteria - user who has a valid credit score and meet the above criteria  Note: Brand bidding is strictly prohibited. GENERAL TERMS:  All allowed traffic sources are mentioned in the campaign detail. Authentic promotional methods should be used to promote the campaign. Advertiser holds the complete right to deny all pending payments in the event of fraud or malpractice. Any violation of rules or using unapproved creative is subject to legal action and heavy penalty.  



Traffic restrictions:

Paid search (Brand) Forbidden
PPC (not search) Forbidden
SEO Forbidden
Emails Allow
Popunder/Clickunder Forbidden
Reachmedia Forbidden
Teaser Networks Allow
Retargeting Forbidden
Display Traffic Forbidden
Google Display Forbidden
Coupons Forbidden
Cashbacks Forbidden
Incentive Forbidden
Social Media Forbidden
Websites Allow
Context ads Forbidden
Re-brokering Forbidden
Push Notification Forbidden
Native ads Forbidden
Facebook Display Forbidden
Doorways Forbidden
Toolbar Forbidden