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Paid order - 8EUR


Target - CPA

eCPC - 0.0000$
Hold period - 44day(s)
Banners - No
Deeplinking - No
Promocodes - No
CR - 0%
Cookie lifetime - 60day(s)
Landing pages - No
XML/CSV feed - No
Description: Join affiliate program from Drimsim!   Drimsim is a universal SIM car d for travellers. Use internet and make calls in 197 countries around the globe. Best rates, no limited data packages, no hidden fees. Drimsim — is a real SIM card. You can put it right into your phone, tablet or mobile hotspot.  However, Drimsim isn’t bound to any cellular provider. It connects to a local provider in each country and just works. You can call and text your friends, upload your snaps, plan routes, and never ever worry again about paying huge roaming fees. Wonder how you control your expenses? There's an app for that. Why travellers choose DRIMSIM:     - Universal SIM card for foreign countries;   - No need to set up roaming or buy a local SIM card;    - Free app with the history of your expences to the very second and kilobyte;    - No limits on traffic and calls;   - No subscription fees and limited data packages;    - We only charge on a post-paid basis;    - Our prices are comparable to the local providers prices;    - We deliver worldwide;    Why affiliates choose DRIMSIM:      - Innovative solution in mobile communication sphere;    - Only Online sales channel;   - Fixed commission regardless of the further SIM card usage;  - We care for our affiliates;    - Wide range of traffic sources and tools approved;    - Hold - 15 days; * Tracking gap - 90 days; Drimsim has one more product eSIM Drimsim.   eSIM Drimsim is a universal virtual SIM card. eSIM is installed "by air" and it is just enough to have a unique code in the phone. As well as an authentic SIM card, eSIM from Drimsim is not bound to providers. Once you have landed in another country, it is ready to go. How to earn with eSIM Drimsim   Offer tourists mobile data at reasonable price in roaming, especially if they have already set off. Customers get eSIM a few minutes after the purchase, so they can run it on the same day. A traveler might have left, lost or just forgotten to buy a SIM card before the trip. It also may be challenging to find a SIM card selling point far from big cities, especially if you do not speak the local language. Drimsim eSIM has the same technical support as authentic Drimsim SIM cards. Hereby, clients are provided with fast and high-quality assistance 24/7. Offer features   Only the latest mobile phones have a special chip with eSIM support. Some of the are Apple Iphone XS, Apple Iphone XS Max, Apple XR, Apple iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular latest generation, Google Pixel 3 (does not operate in the  USA, China and Indonesia due to restrictions in the legislation). It is obligatory to inform users about these conditions.  It occurs that users are not aware of eSIM, though they may be using the latest generation mobile phones. Drimsim eSIM does not provide incoming or outgoing calls and SMS currently, so focus your offer on reasonable and fast mobile data in roaming. Benefits for Drimsim subscribers Universal SIM card worldwide Instant eSIM delivery — takes just a few minutes; unique activation code is sent to the email Free delivery, as client does not need an authentic card to be delivered. Virtual Drimsim eSIM can not be lost and needn’t be removed eSim may be comfortably used in combination with the main SIM card. Mobile data is provided with Drimsim eSIM, while SMS from banks and other notifications are sent to the main SIM (eSIM does not provide incoming or outgoing calls and SMS currently) No need to buy a local SIM and no complicated roaming setups. Free app to track expenses up to minute and kilobyte No traffic limits No monthly fees or hidden charges Convenient postpaid system - pay as you go Price of mobile data is comparable to those of local operators Technical support chat is available 24/7 in Russian and English right in the app Benefits for webmasters   Innovative solution in the field of mobile communication No offline sales channel Fixed payment regardless of the further use of Drimsim eSIM We know the value of affiliates’ traffic and treat it with respect.  Wide range of traffic types Holding hostage for 30 days. 90 days cookie lifetime for webmasters with attention traffic.   Drimsim affiliate program records (authentic SIM cards)   1. Number of affiliates grows by 41% monthly. 2. Over 755 webmasters joined during last six months. 3. Volume of payments increased by 33% during last 3 months Webmasters contribute a lot to Drimsim affiliate program growth, which suggests the program to be successful and the product to be in demand.  A huge amount of work has been carried out to improve tracking and security for webmasters and bloggers. This output increases conversion rate and reduces competition with our own advertising sources from Drimsim or various kinds of frauders. Special offer! Cookie life is prolonged up to 90 days for webmasters with attention traffic.   The list of keywords that are not allowed for use in contextual advertising can be found here.


World Wide

Traffic restrictions:

Paid search (Brand) Forbidden
PPC (not search) Allow
SEO Forbidden
Emails Allow
Popunder/Clickunder Forbidden
Reachmedia Forbidden
Teaser Networks Allow
Retargeting Forbidden
Display Traffic Forbidden
Google Display Forbidden
Coupons Forbidden
Cashbacks Allow
Incentive Allow
Social Media Allow
Websites Forbidden
Context ads Allow
Re-brokering Forbidden
Push Notification Forbidden
Native ads Forbidden
Facebook Display Forbidden
Doorways Allow
Toolbar Forbidden