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Description: IdealSlim is a complex that does not contain any pharmaceutical additives. It is made using a unique technology. The active formula allows you to stay in shape, while vitamins and antioxidants contribute to fat burning in problem areas.IdealSlim Drops contain phytoirisin, a patented ingredient that scientists exctracted from the rambutan plant.At the 1st stage, the phytoirisin molecules attach to the toxin molecules and, together with them, are excreted from the body.After the removal of all toxins and cleansing the body, the phytoirisin molecules begin to attach to the molecules of harmful white fat. It is because of the white fat that our stomach appears and the figure spreads.At the 2nd stage, phytoirisin completely eliminates this type of fat, which disfigures the human body.The important thing is that phytoirisin does not touch the so-called brown fat, because of which our skin remains young and elastic.At the 3rd stage, drops with phytoirisin teach the body not to accumulate white fat in the body, this helps to consolidate the results of weight loss.Italian call centre!Audience: male female:   36-100 ageApprove rate 42.93%



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