New offer launched: UOL Meu Negócio Brazil Affiliate Program

UOL Meu Negócio website

Details of the offer:

UOL Meu Negócio: UOL My Business /UOL Meu Negócio 2 products: 
1. E-commerce VirtUOL /Loja VirtUOL R$75,00 (USD 15.00) 
2. Sites Constructor /Criador de Sites R$50,00 (USD 10.00)


Target - CPA

eCPC - 12.2764$
Hold period - 40day(s)
Banners - Yes
Deeplinking - No
Promocodes - No
CR - 2.32%
Cookie lifetime - 30day(s)
Landing pages - Yes
XML/CSV feed - No
Description: My Business UOL (UOL Meu Negócio)    helps the brazilian entrepreneur to make his business work. In one place, you can find the right tools, no matter what stage of your business, with quality content to make you even more professional. Now the micro and small entrepreneur has the support to win their successful business.    Products for your company to have a presence and stand out on the internet, online store, website creator, scheduler, professional email and other facilities for all entrepreneurs!              Advantages for the Publishers:High fixed commissionIt is not allowed to use UOL and / or PagSeguro group logos, as well as the image of the actors and singers who advertise the brand in articles, on landing pages and in self advertising pieces; any SPAM practice with pieces of email marketing or affiliate links offering our products.The affiliate can not present himself as a commercial representative of PagSeguro or a UOL / PagSeguro employee. The references to the products and brands of the UOL group must be made in third person.It is prohibited to contact people who leave comments on the social networks of PagSeguro or answer the questions of customers in the official pages of PagSeguro.It is prohibited to plagiarize content from official PagSeguro pages or from other affiliates, as well as post your links in PagSeguro / UOL publications and other affiliates.It is not allowed to use URLs that contain product names and brands of the group UOL (E.g.:,, or to name your pages in social networks using brandnames of the UOL / PagSeguro (E.g: Instead of creating a fanpage on Facebook called "Novidades Moderninha" or "Dicas da Minizinha", use "Novidades Maquininhas" or "Dúvidas Leitores de Cartão").Changes to banners or email marketing need approval of the advertiser.When purchasing traffic on search engines (Google, Bing and others), Adnetworks, sites, social networks and other media, it is NOT ALLOWED:1. To send the traffic directly to the affiliate link, you should send to your page, blog, fanpage or article. The page should not look like a PagSeguro page.2. To have your ads in the first position. They should always appear in the second position and downwards.Failure to comply with the rules may lead to cancellation of sales and to termination of cooperation with the Affiliate's program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Traffic restrictions:

Paid search (Brand) Forbidden
PPC (not search) Forbidden
SEO Allow
Emails Allow
Popunder/Clickunder Forbidden
Reachmedia Allow
Teaser Networks Allow
Retargeting Forbidden
Display Traffic Forbidden
Google Display Forbidden
Coupons Allow
Cashbacks Allow
Incentive Allow
Social Media Allow
Websites Allow
Context ads Allow
Re-brokering Forbidden
Push Notification Forbidden
Native ads Allow
Facebook Display Allow
Doorways Forbidden
Toolbar Forbidden