New offer launched: Travelstart Many Geos Affiliate Program

Travelstart website

Details of the offer:

ZA_International$8.50 per order
ZA_Domestic$6.00 per order
UAE_International$14.00 per order
UAE_Domestic$14.00 per order
SA_International$14.00 per order
SA_Domestic$14.00 per order
QA_International$14.00 per order
QA_Domestic$14.00 per order
PK_International$14.00 per order
PK_Domestic$14.00 per order
OM_International$14.00 per order
OM_Domestic$14.00 per order
KW_International$14.00 per order
KW_Domestic$14.00 per order
EG_International$5.00 per order
EG_Domestic$2.00 per order
BH_International$14.00 per order
BH_Domestic$14.00 per order


Target - CPA

eCPC - 0.0000$
Hold period - 30day(s)
Banners - Yes
Deeplinking - Yes
Promocodes - No
CR - 0%
Cookie lifetime - 30day(s)
Landing pages - Yes
XML/CSV feed - No
Description: Travelstart is Africa's Leading Online Travel Agency - book your flight online t o get the lowest fares available. Travel made simple!The main tracking link leads to ZA landing page.Bookings are locked 15 day(s) after the end of the day they are approved


Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Traffic restrictions:

Paid search (Brand) Forbidden
PPC (not search) Allow
SEO Allow
Emails Allow
Popunder/Clickunder Forbidden
Reachmedia Allow
Teaser Networks Allow
Retargeting Forbidden
Display Traffic Allow
Google Display Allow
Coupons Need approval
Cashbacks Allow
Incentive Allow
Social Media Allow
Websites Allow
Context ads Allow
Re-brokering Allow
Push Notification Allow
Native ads Allow
Facebook Display Allow
Doorways Forbidden
Toolbar Allow